Martin Rothe, CTA

I am an academic who fell in love with data. I learned programming software when the first desktop PCs appeared in the business world. Applying logic on raw and boring data turned out to be a fun and intriguing exercise. I have developed algorithmic trading tools and programs and built a hedge fund company around it. The financial success of objective decision making especially in times of stress and uncertainty in the financial markets directed my attention to the more all-encompassing hot topics of data science. My aim is to provide intuitive and fact-oriented solutions for portfolio managers, investors and people who seek advice for self-directed wealth management.

Samuel Batista, Programmer

After finishing high school in the USA I moved to Florida to pursue my dream of becoming a video game developer. I now have a Bachelors degree in Game Development from Full Sail University, and I specialize in UI development with C++, Lua, ActionScript, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node and React. I worked on a complex web application with React / NodeJS for a Swiss FinTech company building a global marketplace on the blockchain. I am also engaged in stock trading, investing and more recently in cryptocurrencies. I’m actively seeking to leverage my programming abilities to help people invest wisely, avoid scams, and profit from this new and exciting industry.